Media Studies and Production Course Requirements


Interactive Media & Game Design Concentration

MDIA 101 Introduction to Media Studies

MDIA 103 Digital Toolbox

MDIA 110 Media Literacy

MDIA 201 Writing for Mediastudents in toolbox lab

MDIA 210 Interactive Media I

MDIA 310 Interactive Media II

MDIA 311 Media Theory: Communication Revolution

MDIA 480 Capping

Select two:

MDIA 312 Participatory Media

MDIA 313 Convergent Media

MDIA 316 Ethics and Gaming

MDIA 320 History of Electronic Media

MDIA 411 Topics in Interactive Media

Select four:

MDIA 203 Video Production

MDIA 302 Editing

MDIA 304 Audio Production

MDIA 314 Concepts in Game Design

MDIA 410 Game Production

MDIA 430 3D Modeling & Animation

Electives: Two elective courses at any level from Communication or Media Arts