The 2012 Silver Fox Awards

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"Winning an award for this trailer meant a lot to me as this story is very close to my heart...there is no better feeling than being recognized by one's own school for excellence in his or her field of study.  To have earned this honor is something I will cherish for a long time."

-Zachary Obid, winner for Best Movie Trailer



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Watch Zachary's award-winning trailer



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The 2012 Silver Fox Awards took place Sunday, May 6.  The program opened with the Sirens and Time Check, Marist's a cappella ensembles.  They gave the audience a rousing performance of "Here's to the Winners", a song written especially for the ceremony.






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 Allen Roberts and David Hollingsworth, winners for Best Music Video





The narrative and documentary film categories this year were swept by the team of Ryan Rivard (R) and Jon O'Sullivan (L), who also took home awards for Distinguised Service.  Their film The Arsonist's Affair and documentary Living the Falcon won in every catagory in which they were entered.  What a night for these two fine young filmmakers!  Of course, they had help from some excellent actors and a particularly dedicated sound recordist.  Click on the images below to see why their films were so successful. 


Psychological scars from an abusive childhood lead to a most unusual career path in 2012's Best Film, The Arsonist's Affair, directed by Ryan Rivard.

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 Best Screenplay, The Arsonist's Affair, Ryan Rivard




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Best Editing, The Arsonist's Affair, Jon O'Sullivan






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Best Sound in a Film, The Arsonist's Affair, Zachary Dexter


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Film noir lighting and masterful use of depth of field win Best Cinematography for Jon O'Sullivan, cinematographer of The Arsonist's Affair.




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A local venue for live music is the subject of 2012's Best Documentary, Living the Falcon by Ryan Rivard and Jon O'Sullivan





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Best Actress in a Film, Lisa Hartmell, as the wife of a sadistic father in The Arsonist's Affair


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              As a quiet man who seeks justice by fighting fire with fire, Phil Levine wins Best Actor for               The Arsonist's Affair.