Marist College Gospel Choir


The Marist College Gospel Choir is not just a choir; it is a family.  The current incarnation of the Gospel Choir was developed in 2009.  With only eleven individuals, the group has grown from its humble beginnings. Since then, through our ministry of music both on and off campus, the group has consistently grown. Through civic engagement and community service, the choir has become recognized on campus as a diverse and well-respected group of individuals. Using music to celebrate, the time and talent of the group will lift the spirits of those who listen.

The goal of the choir is to spread the Word of God to all who seek it.  Their travels have taken them to places outside of New York; having performed services at churches in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Vermont and beyond. With laughter and hard work, they have crossed states and performed for many audiences both large and small in hopes that they can provide joy to those who attend. They sing with joy and love in their hearts, and hope that others will feel love through their song.