Name: Dr. Carolyn C. Matheus
Title: Associate Professor of Information Systems

Office Location: Hancock Center 3008
Extension: (845) 575-3660
Personal Web Page:
Degrees Held:

Ph.D. Organizational Studies, University at Albany

M.A. Psychology, Marist College

B.A. Psychology, Marist College

Courses taught:
  • Undergraduate: Software Systems Analysis; Systems Design; Management Information Systems; CS/ITS Project; First-Year Seminar; Intro to Business & Management; A Gift of Fire: Ethical Implications of Technology.
  • Graduate: Analytics Bootcamp; IS Policy; Systems & Information Concepts in Organizations; Systems Design; Leadership & Organizational Behavior; Managing Organizational Change   


Strategic Planning Committee (2018-2023), Academic Affairs Committee, Core L/S Committee, College and Career Task Force, Common Reading Committee, Library Development Committee, Middlestates Assessment Committee


  • Matheus, C.C. & Quinn, E. (2017). Gender based occupational stereotypes: New behaviors, old attitudes. In Proceedings of IEEE Women in Engineering Forum, Baltimore, MD.
  • Labouseur, A.G. & Matheus, C.C. (2017). An introduction to dynamic data quality challenges. Journal of Data and Information Quality, 8(2), article no. 6.
  • Matheus, C.C. & Svegliato, J. (2015). OpenSR: An open source stimulus-response testing framework. Human Technology, 11(2), 100-122.
  • Matheus, A.B., Matheus, C.C., & Neely, P. (2014). Examining the relationship between IQ, DQ, usefulness, EoU, and task performance. Communications of the Association for Information Systems, 35(15), 285-304.
  • Matheus, C.C. & Svegliato, J. (May, 2013). Stimulus-response tests: An applied demonstration. In Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Research Challenges in Information Science, Paris, France. DOI: 10.1109/RCIS.2013.6577740 
  • Matheus, C.C. & Taber, T.D. (November, 2012). Gender as a moderator of the relationship between OCB and supervisors’ ratings. In Proceedings of Southern Management Association 2012 Meeting, Ft. Lauderdale, FL. 
  • Fisher, C.W., Lauria, E.J.M., & Matheus, C.C. (2009). An accuracy metric: Percentages, randomness and probabilities. Journal of Data and Information Quality, 1(3), article no. 16.
  • Fisher, C., Lauria, E., & Matheus, C. (November, 2007). In search of an accuracy metric. In Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Information Quality (ICIQ) at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, MA.
Research Interests:

Technology Education in the Dominican Republic


Conferences & Workshops:

Emerging Leaders Program 

From Problems Through Prosperity: Learning to Lead with Passion and Purpose

Authentic leaders pursue things in life they are passionate about while facilitating happiness and motivation in others. They also maximize less than perfect moments. Difficult times—the crucibles in our lives—provide opportunities to confront the deepest levels of our true selves, enabling us to persevere and find the true purpose of our lives and our leadership. Discover how your life story frames your ability to lead others.


MBA665: Analytics Bootcamp

IEEE Women in Engineering Forum 

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