Name: Dr. Onkar P. Sharma
Title: Professor and Graduate Director, Computer Science
Office Location: Hancock Center 3046
Extension: (845) 575-3523
Degrees Held:

B.S. Bihar Institute of Technology (India)
M.S. University of California, Berkeley
Ph.D. New York University


Dr. Sharma is presently a Full Professor and Graduate Director of Computer Science. He started his teaching career in 1960 and taught for six years in India at a Government Engineering College. He came to United States in 1966 and got his MS from Berkeley, UC in 1968 and PH.D. from NYU in 1971. He first taught at CCNY, City university of New York for 5 years. Subsequently, he served as the Deputy Managing Director for a Burbank(California) training company for three years in Iran. He then taught at Moorhead State University for 7 years before joining Marist College as a Divisional Chairperson in 1986. He held Division Chair and Dean (Administrative) positions for twelve years before reverting back to a faculty position.



Teaching, International Recruitment, Setting up academic collaborations between institutions in different countries,
Organizing conferences and others.

Dr Sharma makes two overseas trips every year to recruit students for the Graduate Programs in the School of Computer Science and Mathematics.

Since early 1990's, Dr. Sharma has been a member of the steering committee of CCSC, Eastern which organizes an annual conference in eastern United States on Computing every year.

Awards & Honors:

Dr. Sharma has received two Fulbright awards; Senior Specialist, as well as Scholar in IT. In this capacity, he has taught Graduate and Undergraduate courses, supervised graduate project/theses, and conducted Faculty training workshops in India and Nepal.


Three textbooks on Introduction to Computer Science and Programming (Fortran and Pascal); Prentice Hall

Contributed article for campus-wide Information Systems and Networks; publisher, Meckler

Research Interests:

Operating System
Published papers in the area.

Conferences & Workshops:

See above


Numerous Conference presentations