Goldman Sachs Executives and Alumni Speak to Students

Use of Technology in Business, Internship Program Emphasized

Goldman Sachs Executives (and Marist Alumni) Speak to Marist Students

Goldman Sachs Executives and Marist alumni, Josh Matheus and Don Duet (second and third from left in front row) spoke to Marist students on Nov. 10th. They stressed that Goldman Sachs is definitely a technology business that uses technology and engineering to maintain a secure, yet agile network. They also underscored the importance of innovative software solutions in keeping the financial industry secure. Mr. Matheus and Mr. Duet presented the Goldman Sachs internship programs and encouraged each student to be a continuous learner.

After their talk Mr. Duet and Mr. Matheus met with 15 Technology Scholarship students over lunch. (pictured in the Marist Board Room) to learn about their interests and backgrounds.