Frequently Asked Questions:

About the MSTM Program at Marist College

  1. What academic background do I need to apply to the MSTM program at Marist?

    We require a bachelor's degree preferably in engineering, computer science, science or business with an MIS concentration. This unique online degree program is designed to accommodate the academic needs of working professionals with undergraduate degrees in these areas. Other undergraduate majors are considered if the applicant has considerable professional and/or managerial (at least 5 years) experience in technology related fields.

  2. How long does it take to complete the MSTM degree program?

    MSTM program has 36 credits and you will be finished in 2 years.

  3. How long is each MSTM course?

    Online MSTM courses are fifteen (15) weeks long during the spring and fall semester, and ten (10) weeks during the summer. They are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Throughout the semester, students access lectures, share course information, work on group projects, submit class work, and take exams, all online.

    The two on campus residencies are two to three (2-3) days in length, while the international residency is ten (10) days.

  4. How are the MSTM courses structured?

    Lecture notes, readings, and class assignments are issued or posted at regular intervals throughout the course and can be downloaded at any time. Assignments and exams are time sensitive in that they are due on a specific date. Online students simply submit work electronically on the date it's due.

    Online discussions are held in discussion groups, but in general do not require to log on at a specific time. They are structured similar to internet discussion boards.

  5. What if I miss a deadline or need an extension?

    Time extensions depend on the professor's course policies. In fact, with online instruction, there is greater flexibility to accommodate students than in the traditional classroom.

  6. How do Online MSTM courses work?

    The communications capabilities are at the heart of the online MSTM program and become seamless as you progress through the course. All work in the online classroom is completed and submitted online. You submit written work as an email attachment, such as a Word document or Excel spreadsheet, or you upload the file directly into the course system. Students are not expected to be online at the same time. As with a traditional class, you are expected to read any textbook material or outside reading material prior to a certain due date specified in the course syllabus and course calendar. Usually, there are a number of discussion questions or problems due with each assignment that require you to answer and/or participate in class discussion. For example, your professor may ask you to express your views about the ethical aspects of a public policy. The professor expects each student to contribute their ideas in the conference room/discussion group at their convenience by the due date and, where appropriate to discuss alternative viewpoints with classmates. Everyone participates!

  7. How do I access my online class?

    You will be issued a Marist eLearning account number and password when your registration for your first online MSTM class in the program has been finalized. This account number serves as your log-on to access your online course and other eLearning and internet services at Marist. For new students, your initial password is the first eight digits of your social security number. You may change your password at any time. Once you have your eLearning account you can sign into your MSTM class and you will be officially in your cyber classroom!

    Go to Click on the "Interactive Educator Tutorial" and then click on the "Play" button to see how the eLearning system works. There is also an "Advanced Educator Tutorial" if you really want to get into the nitty gritty of how eLearning works.

  8. How many online classes will I take per semester?

    Students in the MSTM program will take two online classes per semester.

  9. Where will I stay during the on campus residency?

    Students will be housed in a hotel in close proximity to the campus. Your stay as well as transportation to and from campus for the actual residency activities is included in the tuition. You only need to arrange for transportation from home to Marist/the hotel.

  10. What is the International residency?

    The international residency is a ten (10) day trip abroad to experience technology management in the global setting. It includes company visits, lectures at universities and other institutions abroad as well as opportunities to explore country, people and cultures. For example, we traveled to Beijing and Shanghai, China with the first cohort (GREAT EXPERIENCE!!).

    Students meet at Marist (overnight stay in a hotel in close proximity to campus) a day before the actual travel. All expenses are included in the tuition, except for travel to and from campus prior to international departure and upon return.

  11. Can I complete the entire MSTM program online?

    Yes! You can complete your entire MSTM degree from the comfort of your own keyboard. In fact, the entire program is online and does not include any traditional classroom-set courses. The exceptions are the two on campus residencies at the beginning and at the end of the program (2-3 days each) as well as the ten (10) day international residency. Of course, if you wish to have a personal meeting with your professor, you are most welcome to do so.

  12. Do I have to be a computer expert to pursue the MSTM program online?

    No. The only computer skills required are a familiarity with Windows and an Internet browser.

  13. What kind of computer equipment will I need?

    To successfully access course content, you will need a personal computer with at least the minimum of:

    • A Pentium III (Pentium 4 is recommended) 500 MHz Processor (over 1 GHz is recommended) or Mac/Apple equivalent
    • A 128 MB of RAM memory (512 is recommended)
    • Windows 2000, XP or Vista Operating System (or Mac OS X)
    • Access to a high-speed or broadband Internet connection (e.g. DSL, Cable Modem, etc.). NOTE: Most public libraries in the United States provide this type of Internet access for free
    • An Internet Explorer web browser 6.0 or higher (this can be downloaded for free if necessary)
    • Software that will allow you to view Microsoft (MS) Word, MS PowerPoint and MS Excel files. NOTE: If you do not have the full MS software, you can download free "viewers" that will allow you to view (but not create or change) these files at
    • Quicktime 7.0 or higher (free download at


  14. What is the tuition for the MSTM program?

    The tuition for this entire program is $28,800 which breaks down to $800 per credit - please note that this includes your books and residency expenses. The only item not covered is your travel to and from the Poughkeepsie campus for the two residencies there and the start of the international residency. Many employers offer tuition reimbursement for graduate study, so students are encouraged to check with the benefits department at their place of employment. Tuition can be paid by cash, check or credit card. Contact the Student Financial Services office at (845) 575-3231 for more information regarding payment or visit Student Financial Services.

  15. What types of Financial Aid are available?

    Need based financial assistance is available for matriculated students in the form of loans, grants, and scholarships. To apply, simply complete the federal FAFSA form.

    Veteran's benefits may also be available. For specific questions concerning financial aid, you may contact the Financial Aid office at (845) 575-3230 or visit

  16. What do I need to apply to the MSTM program?

    The following is required for admission consideration to the MSTM Graduate Program:

    • A minimum of a bachelor's degree preferably in engineering, computer science, science or business with an MIS concentration. Other undergraduate majors are considered if the concurrent experience base warrants admission to the program.
    • An undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or above
    • A completed Graduate Admission Application (available online)
    • A $50 application fee
    • Two recommendation letters
    • Official transcripts of all prior undergraduate and graduate institutions attended.
    • A current resume
    • At least three years of post-baccalaureate leadership and managerial experience in a technology role or at least 5 years post-baccalaureate professional experience in a technical position if little to no leadership or managerial experience
    • A GMAT (Report code is K9K-FZ-91)score or a GRE (Report code is 2400) score (on both tests) of 500 or better - tests may be waived if the applicant has five years of post-baccalaureate managerial or leadership experience or eight years of post-baccalaureate professional experience or a graduate degree.

    Please send all your hard copy materials to Marist College, Office of Graduate Admissions, Marist College, 3399 North Road, Poughkeepsie, New York, 12601. Students will be notified by the Office of Graduate Admissions once the academic committee reaches a decision.


  17. From whom should I solicit recommendations?

    We suggest that you solicit recommendations from those who can comment meaningfully on your performance in an academic or professional setting. If it has been a while since you attended an institution of higher learning, then we recommend that you ask your employer (e.g., supervisors) to write your reference. If you are a recent graduate, then ideally you could ask former professors to write recommendation letters as well as supervisors where you are currently employed.

  18. Who do I contact if I have more questions?

    The Director of Graduate Admissions is available to assist you with any additional questions you may have. Also, you may visit our website for specific course descriptions and other information. You may email or call (845) 575-3800 or toll free 888-877-7900 to arrange a telephone or personal appointment.