Getting Started

The Greystone Program offers online college courses to qualified juniors and seniors from member high schools.  The high school student may take up to two courses a semester and gets full access to the Marist College library and eLearning environment.  The student receives an official Marist College transcript and is in the course with traditional Marist students.  The instructor for each course is a qualified Marist faculty member. Courses are either 10 or 15 weeks long and follow the Marist Academic calendar ( ), for Fall, Spring and Summer sessions.


Courses are delivered totally online. Faculty members generally include a video clip introducing themselves to their students.  Faculty members post regular office hours when they can be contacted online, by phone, or in-person.  Assignments and quizzes are due each week and are submitted online. Participation in discussion forums are an important part of the student’s evaluation each semester. Students do not have to come to the Marist campus and text books can be ordered online.  The tuition for each course is $399 due at registration.  Students must register at least two weeks before the course starts. 


In order to be qualified to take a Greystone course, the student must be a junior or senior from a Greystone member school with at least a B average. The student must complete an application and get the approval of his guidance counselor and a parent.


If a school district wishes to join the Greystone Program, they should contact and be prepared to name a Greystone coordinator for their school.  There is no membership fee for the school district.


Teachers who wish to pursue the hybrid program for the M.A. in Educational Psychology can find more information at