Marist STEM women at "Hudson Valley Blue Mix Girls Night Out Event"

Goldman Sachs Executives (and Marist Alumni) Speak to Marist Students

Twenty-two Marist STEM majors participated in the Hudson Valley Blue Mix Girls Night Out at IBM Poughkeepsie on November 17, 2015. These events are focused on providing young women STEM majors with career development, education, and networking. They offer a great opportunity to mix and mingle with other smart women in the local area who are passionate about technology. The students also learn more about Cloud technology and IBM’s PaaS Platform (Bluemix), and get an opportunity to build an app of their own. Pictured (standing from left to right) at the event are Marist students Kristen Sandberg, Kristen Lawler, Bridget Leahy, Michelle Crawley, Veronica DeRito, Helen Ngo, Rosemary Bulgarelli, Megan O'Halloran, Mary Miller, IBM VP of Corporate Technical Strategy Susan Cohen, Marist students, Kelly Jones, Si Ya Ni, Vallie Joseph, Maitreyi Bhaskara, Marisa Proscia, Reyhan Ayhan, Grace McCue, and Mutiat Alagbala.  Seated from left to right are Marist students Melissa Iori, Jenna Ficula, Rachel Ulicni, Jae Kyoung Lee, and Mariah Molenaer.