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The American Mathematical Society (AMS) was founded in 1888 to further mathematical research and scholarship. The Society currently has approximately 30,000 members throughout the United States and around the world. It fulfills its mission through programs that promote mathematical research, increase the awareness of the value of mathematics to society, and foster excellence in mathematics education. The AMS website also contains a relatively up-to-date listing of professional societies,associations, and organizations that keep web sites of their own.

American Mathematical Society
PO Box 6248
Providence, RI 02940-6248

MAA Logo The Mathematical Association of America (MAA)is the world's largest organization devoted to the interests of collegiate mathematics. Members of the MAA receive many valuable benefits for modest dues. These benefits are designed to stimulate interest in mathematics by providing expository books and articles on contemporary mathematics and on recent developments at the frontiers of mathematical research, and by exchanging information about important events in the mathematical world. A major emphasis of the MAA is the teaching of mathematics at the collegiate level, but anyone who is interested in mathematics is welcome to join.

Mathematical Association of America
1529 Eighteenth Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036-1385

Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematicians The Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematicians (SIAM) was inspired by the vision that applied mathematics should play an important role in advancing science and technology in industry.

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematicians
3600 University City Science Center
Philadelphia, PA 19104-2688

SIAM also maintains a page on Careers in the Math Sciences.

Association for Women in Mathematics The Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) is a non-profit organization founded in 1971. Their continuing goal is to encourage women in the mathematical sciences. AWM currently has more than 4,100 members (women and men) representing a broad spectrum of the mathematical community - from the United States and around the world!

Association of Women in Mathematics
4114 Computer and Space Science Building
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742-2461

American Statistical Association The American Statistical Association (ASA) is a scientific and educational society founded in 1839 with the following mission: To promote excellence in the application of statistical science across the wealth of human endeavor.

American Statistical Association
1429 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314-3415

INFORMS The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) serves the scientific and professional needs of OR/MS investigators, scientists, students, educators, and managers, as well as the institutions they serve, by such services as publishing a variety of journals that describe the latest OR/MS methods and applications and by organizing professional conferences. The Institute also serves as a focal point for OR/MS professionals, permitting them to communicate with each other and to reach out to other professional societies and to the varied clientele of the profession's research and practice.

Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences
901 Elkridge Landing Road, Suite 400
Linthicum, MD 21090

American Academy of Actuaries Logo 

As the organization representing the entire United States actuarial profession, the American Academy of Actuaries serves the public and the actuarial profession both nationally and internationally through:

a. establishing, maintaining and enforcing high professional standards of actuarial qualification,practice and conduct,

b. assisting in the formulation of public policy by providing independent and objective information,analysis and education, and

c. in cooperation with other organizations representing actuaries

--representing and advancing the actuarial profession, and

--increasing the public's recognition of the actuarial profession's value.

American Academic of Actuaries
1100 Seventeenth Street NW, Seventh Floor
Washington , DC 20036

Math Sites on the Web

Geometry Center The Geometry Center is a mathematics research and education center at the University of Minnesota. The Center has a unified mathematics computing environment supporting math and computer science research, mathematical visualization, software development, application development, video animation production, and K-16 math education.
Mathematics WWW Virtual Library The Mathematics WWW Virtual Library is maintained by the Florida State University Department of Mathematics. It contains a wealth of information on a variety of topics of interest to mathematicians.
Math Archives The Mathematics Archives has information organized by mathematical topic, teaching resources, and much more