Minoring in Mathematics at Marist College

A mathematics minor offers a firm foundation in the skills and techniques used by all mathematicians. Because it offers training in quantitative problem solving skills and in logical reasoning, a minor in mathematics is viewed very favorably by employers and professional schools. If you are considering the pursuit of a law degree, a masters in business administration, or entering a graduate program in the sciences or social sciences, this minor is a valuable asset. It is a significant addition to any resume, setting you apart from the crowd.

The minor consists of all the freshman and sophomore level courses required of mathematics majors:

  • MATH 241, 242, 343 - Calculus I - III
  • MATH 210 or MATH 250 - Linear Algebra or Discrete Mathematics I
  • MATH 310 - Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning
Since many of the other majors on campus already have significant mathematical requirements, the completion of a minor in mathematics may entail no more than two or three additional courses. In particular, students majoring in computer science or information technology may need to take only two other mathematics courses to earn a minor.