Office of Naval Research Awards Grant to Associate Professor Scott Frank

Marist College Associate Professor of Mathematics Scott FrankIn July, Marist College Associate Professor of Mathematics Scott D. Frank was awarded a three-year $95,000 grant from the Office of Naval Research. Funds from this grant will be used to develop parabolic equation methods to analyze the effects of elastic boundaries on acoustic signals in the ocean.

Physical laws that govern the propagation of acoustic waves in water result in a particular partial differential equation that can be solved using computational methods. Wave propagation in a sheet of ice laying on top of the water, or in basalt at the ocean bottom obeys different partial differential equations. Accurate computational solutions for the wave propagation at the interface of these two environments are important for determining locations of earthquakes or military ordnance.

This project will capitalize on the resources of the Enterprise Computing Research Lab in the Marist College School of Computer Science and Mathematics. The research lab is funded by the National Science Foundation through previous grants obtained by Dean Roger Norton.

Prof. Frank will collaborate with scientists in the Mathematics and Statistics department of the Colorado School of Mines and the Earth and Space Sciences department at the University of Washington Applied Physics Laboratory. The grant also includes $10,000 for undergraduate student research at Marist College.