Enterprise Computing Research Laboratory

The Enterprise Computing Research Lab was completed in 2011 and is located in the Hancock Center at Marist College. The lab provides faculty and students access to cutting edge technology including a zEnterprise processor with zBladeCenter extension, an IBM PureFlex System and a Netezza data warehouse appliance. The lab and equipment were supported by grants from the National Science Foundation and New York State, with additional equipment and support provided by the IBM Corporation.

 The laboratory is available to Marist faculty and student researchers as well as academic and industry researchers from the Enterprise Computing Community.   The equipment must be used for research, applied research, and research training. Some of the research areas already identified are:

Publications and presentations resulting from research performed in the lab.

Faculty members will also use the lab facilities to train undergraduate and graduate students in research methods and practices. Students will have opportunities to participate in research projects with faculty and collaborative research projects with academic and industry partners.

Application Process

Qualified academic and industry researchers can apply for access to the research lab by emailing a short note to maryann.hoffmann@marist.edu.  All research applications must include a description of time, storage and processor needs, IP ownership, and any special requirements for software or system configurations.  If special hardware or software is required above what is present in the ECRL, the researchers may have to pay for it or procure it themselves.  Researcher may be required to pay for faculty and student time spent on their project, but they do not have to pay for access to the equipment. 

The applicant will be invited to discuss his work with a panel of enterprise computing specialists composed of Marist faculty, IT staff, and industry consultants as needed.  Applications will be reviewed by the panel to determine whether the hardware and software needed is available in the research lab and whether the project described fits the overall mission of the lab. Researchers can also request training on the equipment if needed.

National Science Foundation