Computer Science and Mathematics Resources and Services

Enhance your experience with clubs, organizations, and internships

Marist College School of Computer Science and MathAt Marist, we believe that the college experience is more than just classroom learning or preparation for a career. The undergraduate college years are a time to explore new interests, interact and socialize with a diverse population of peers, establish mentoring relationships, and become involved with activities that help to create a well-rounded citizen.

Within the School of Computer Science and Mathematics, we offer opportunities, such as campus-based employment, and exploratory and career-track internships, for students to obtain practical experience while still in school.

We also encourage students to join and be involved in clubs and organizations both within the computer science and mathematics discipline and in other areas of personal interest.

The School also offers specialized computing platforms, including the Enterprise Computing Research Laboratory, that students may avail themselves of as part of their studies or professional development interests.

Student Resources

  • Opportunities for students to obtain practical experience while still in school
  • Student Organizations links to Marist's Computer Science and Mathematics organizations
  • Campus Jobs provide opportunities for students to gain experience by working on campus
  • Scholarships provide Financial Aid opportunities for students studying Computer Science and Mathematics