Data Science and Analytics Major and Minor

Data Science and Analytics major and minorBachelor of Science in Data Science and Analytics

Essential Skills for a Variety of Disciplines

The School of Computer Science and Mathematics has recently announced that both a major and a minor in data science will be available to students starting in the fall 2016 semester. The field of data science has experienced exponential growth over the past few years with huge impacts on business, government, science, technology and academia.  Organizations now understand that using data to build models to predict future events and behaviors is key to revolutionizing the way they compete, produce and innovate. 

Major in Data Science and Analytics Areas of Emphasis:

  • Implement algorithms for data aggregation, cleaning and analysis
  • Manipulate large amounts of data and build models from the data which can be used to describe phenomena and make predictions about future occurrences and events.
  • Explore data to identify its meaning and impact, and communicate data analysis findings with appropriate visualizations and graphical techniques.
  • Design, build, and manage large, distributed “big data” systems

Course Requirements for Major in Data Science and Analytics
Recommended Course Sequence 
Course Descriptions 

Complementary Minors:
Business, Mathematics, Computer Science, Information Systems, Technology, Economics, Criminal Justice, Cognitive Science, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, Political Science.

Requirements for Minor in Data Science and Analytics
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