Why  come to Counseling Services?

Students come with a wide range of concerns such as adjusting to college life, making decisions, or working out problems in relationships. Others come with more serious problems. Like persistent feelings of depression or anxiety, suicidal thoughts, serious interpersonal difficulties, feeling out of control with food, alcohol, or drugs, or coping with difficult experiences like family problems, the death of someone close, sexual violence, or abuse.

Does the student always continue with the counselor who sees them first?

Not always. Not all problems are appropriate for treatment here at the center, so at the first meeting, the counselor will determine how to best meet your individual needs. A student may be referred to another therapist off campus or to other specialists if that is the appropriate course of action. Occasionally, the counselor may refer a student to another member of the Counseling Center staff as well.

Can I come about someone else?

Yes, counselors will talk to students concerned about how to deal with friends. Of course, the counselor will not reveal any confidential information about any other clients.

Will what I say be kept confidential?

Any information given in counseling, as well as the fact that the student has been seen for counseling, is kept strictly confidential. Disclosure to any outside person requires the prior written permission of the student. However, should the life or safety of the student or someone else be in imminent danger, the counselor may be obligated to notify appropriate persons.

Will coming to counseling go on my record?

No, absolutely not. Counseling records are not part of a student's official record.

How do I make an appointment?

Call 845-575-3314 or come to our office, located in Health and Wellness Center, SC 352.