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Tuesday, October 15th

"Leaders in Creativity" series presents painter Pamela Talese


Pamela Talese is an on-site painter known primarily for her work throughout New York City. Since 2005, Talese has focused on its maritime industries, the warehouses on the waterfront, and the ships that come to the Brooklyn Navy Yard for painting and repair.

"Rust Never Sleeps: Corrosion and Renewal in Maritime/Industrial New York" was the title of Talese's 2009 exhibition, which included paintings of waterfront industrial sites and working-class neighborhoods that were either still active or in recession. Considerations about growth and decay are still relevant and will be basis for the her talk.

Through her study and painting of buildings, ships, and public spaces, Talese also considers the aspirations of their designers, and whether their original intent endures or can accommodate new uses. On a more tactile level, she pays close attention to the application of craft and materials, and how they weather over time. Appreciation of time is always central to Talese's work, as is the physical experience of standing out in the scene that she's painting.

Talese brings to her work a patient eye but also a natural sociological curiosity, so ideas about growth and decay, the shifts between traditional uses and new economies, and the attitudes of different generations and cultures are also part of the story that she paints.Pamela Talese

It is in the built environment, in any space where humans have made an indelible mark, that she finds the most compelling stories; whether in the five boroughs of New York, the rural plains in the West or, more recently, the streets of Rome. Tales of the conflicts and accommodations between receding and emerging industries are expressed in the landscape, if not actively reported to the painter by people passing by or working alongside her.

Price: Free and open to the public


7:00 pm


HN2023 - Kondysar Presentation


Greg Cannon

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