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Thursday, February 20th

Guest Lecture: Ken Segall


The creator of Apple's "Think Different" campaign who also came up
with the name "iMac" and the subsequent "i" branding for all Apple
products is visiting Marist and will speak and take questions. He will talk
about his current best-selling book "Insanely simple" and offer
insights into some of the most famous work in the world.

More info about him at:


Take this opportunity to hear first hand about his work with Apple and
Steve Jobs and why he feels "simplicity" is the key to success. Space is limited, so get there early!

Additional Public Info: Open to Marist students, faculty, and alumni.

Want more info? See details.

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6:30 pm


Lowell Thomas

Room: Screening Room, LT 019


Prof. William F Jeffway

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