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Sunday, March 30th

Film and Discussion - Nontraditional


The Political Science Department and Marist Student Veteran's Organization will host a screening of the new feature film Nontraditional and a discussion with the filmmakers about both the topics it raises - female combat veterans, student veterans, nontraditional students, the value of liberal arts education - and the film-making process.

From the film’s promotional materials, “Nontraditional tells the story of Erika Byrd, a 26-year old female combat veteran who is now a freshman in college. Erika contends with freshman classes, noisy neighbors, well-meaning classmates, and demanding professors. She struggles with this transition, and the temptation to return to the structure of the military is strong. Will she have the courage to confront this kind of transformation and plunge headlong into a new life? Will she mistake it for some kind of idealistic nonsense? Will real change, however incremental, just seem too hard for her?”

Writer-director Brian Hauser says, “This is a story that we have been wanting to tell for years. In 2008, we talked with almost a dozen female student veterans about their experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as their experiences as nontraditional college students. Though all student veterans face a difficult transition, female veterans often face additional struggles. Student veterans have so much to offer, just as the college experience has a lot to offer them, but it all starts with the ability to recognize these opportunities. We think this film can help with that.”

Hauser is a U.S. Army veteran, an assistant professor of film at Clarkson University, and an award-winning screenwriter. Producer Christina Xydias, assistant professor of political science at Clarkson University (relevant specialties include gender and representation), will also participate.

Price: Free


4:00 pm


Lowell Thomas

Room: 019


Dr. Danielle Langfield

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