New Course Procedures Curriculum Committee

Sequence Illustrating the Process for Obtaining Permanent Approval of a Course

To be considered for Permanent Approval for the next semester request must be submitted to the Curriculum Committee no later than:

November 1 - Spring Semester
April 1 - Fall semester

  1. Course is presented to Department for consideration and vote. (See attached form for details attainment of Provisional Approval)
  2. Department grants Provisional Approval or requests changes before approving proposal.
  3. Proposal is forwarded to the School Dean for confirmation of its status as a Provisionally Approved course.
  4. Dean forwards provisionally approved course and documentation of Departmental support to the Registrar, who assigns it a course number.
  5. Course is taught two times to demonstrate it contribution to the curriculum, its value to the students, and the availability of instructors to offer course.
  6. Within two years of its having been offered the second time, the course must come up for Permanent Approval (which is the first step towards inclusion in college catalogue) or be removed from Provisional Approval. NOTE: courses cannot be offered more than two times with Provisional Approval (Exemptions from removal from Provisional Approval at this point may be granted by the Dean of the Faculty/AVP on a case by case basis, as appropriate.
  7. If the course does come up for Permanent Approval, the proposal for Permanent Approval is presented to the Department's School for consideration and secret ballot vote.
  8. After an affirmative School-wide vote, the Dean of the School forwards the proposal and a letter requesting Permanent Approval to the Curriculum Committee. No review of courses for Permanent Approval will be done if proposal is submitted after November 1 (for Spring approval) or after April 1 (for Fall approval)
  9. Curriculum Committee reviews the proposal and either grants Permanent Approval or recommends changes before resubmission.
  10. Once the course is granted Permanent Approval, the Curriculum Committee sends a memo to the Registrar approving this designation.
  11. Registrar adds course to the college catalogue after it receives Permanent Approval.

Note: The provisionally approved course may not be offered a third time unless it is a course that is offered every semester and permission to offer the course a third time has been granted by the AVP while the Curriculum Committee is considering the proposal for permanent approval.

Procedure for Departmental Provisional Approval of New Course

  1. This procedure is adapted from and extends the description in the faculty handbook where it originally appears as an application process to the College Curriculum Committee.
  2. The Department grants Provisional Approval, through members of the Department in which the course is based and the Department Chair. Departmental members must meet and discuss the proposal, and the proposal must be approved by a majority of all members of the Department.
  3. Proposals for courses that are not based in an existing Department, must be submitted to the most closely related discipline and be approved through the same procedure as indicated (1) above.
  4. Proposals for courses that are interdisciplinary must be submitted to the Department faculty of included disciplines and be approved through the same procedure as indicated above (1) by the faculty in all participating disciplines.
  5. Departmental Provisional Approval will meet with the same rigor as if being submitted to the College Curriculum Committee. As such, the contents of the proposal, as indicated by the Academic Vice President's Office, and provided as attachments 1A & 1B in the Appendix, will include:
    1. A statement of the course dialogue description.
    2. A statement of rationale for the course.why should it be included in the curriculum?
    3. The syllabus for the course, including an outline, and a bibliography; a report of the available resources for the course; and a list of the major assignments and course requirements.
    4. A statement of the relationship of this course to other courses in the curriculum (e.g., is there a thematic relationship? Is the course an extension of an existing course? Will the course replace courses currently in the curriculum?)
    5. A statement of how the school or division plans to staff the course. List of requested Library acquisitions for the course prioritized as critical, highly recommended, desirable.

Procedure for Application to the College Curriculum Committee for Permanent Approval of a Provisionally Approved Course.

This procedure is adapted from and extends the description in the faculty handbook.

  1. Proposals for courses seeking permanent approval must be submitted for consideration to the members of the School or Division in which the course is based.
  2. The members of the School or Division in which the course is based must agree that the course is needed to strengthen the academic integrity of their discipline.
  3. The School or Division faculty must meet to discuss and vote on the course after it has been offered two times under provisional approval.
  4. The School or Division must meet to discuss the proposal. At this meeting the Department sponsoring the proposal must present the case for their proposal, explaining the nature of the course in significant detail and arguing at considerable length why it should be part of the curriculum.
  5. The School or Division must vote by secret ballot to approve the course.
  6. The Dean of the School or Division shall forward the proposal, along with the proper supporting documentation, to the Chair of the Curriculum Committee. Supporting documentation includes:
    1. A cover letter from the Dean reporting the results of the vote in the School or Division as well as any relevant discussion.
    2. A completed cover sheet (see attachment 2a in the appendix)
    3. A complete Narrative Statement (see attachment 2b in the appendix)
    4. Quantitative summaries of student course evaluations for the three times that it was offered as a provisionally approved course.
  7. Proposals for courses seeking permanent approval must be forwarded to the Chair of the Curriculum Committee by November 1 (Spring) and April 1 (Fall).
  8. The registrar will be notified of all courses receiving permanent approval.