Research/Development Grant Application and Information


Part-time Faculty Development Funds are a contribution by the College community to an individual faculty member's professional development. The College anticipates that funds will be available for 4-6 grants in each term (fall/spring). Usually grants will range in amounts from $300-500.


Eligible part-time faculty members must have taught 12 or more credit hours at Marist College and been employed with the College for at least four semesters. Both graduate and undergraduate professors are eligible. Full-time administrative employees who teach are eligible for these grants with the permission of their supervisor.


  1. A grant request must demonstrate defined, specific activities which show promise of:
    • enhancing one's teaching
    • enhancing one's scholarship
      Examples would include: integrating a technology tool into one's course; presenting a paper at a scholarly conference; travel to a resource center to do research on a defined scholarly project; attending a conference or workshop aimed at enhancing one's teaching skills.
  2. The requestor must specify the exact amount of their request.
  3. The requestor must specify the time period in which the anticipated outcome will be achieved and the specific purpose for which the funds will be used.
  4. The proposal must be accompanied by a letter of support from the department chair and have the approval of the School Dean.


  1. Complete a letter of request to the Academic Vice President, describing the nature of the activity, the expenditure, and the time required for its completion. Attach the letter of support from the Department Chair (approved by the Dean) and deliver to Hancock Center 1016. Please note that all awards must be expended in the fiscal year indicated and must be reimbursed according to the Business Office guidelines. Applications will be accepted at any time during the fall and spring semesters and must be submitted for consideration before travel takes place. Funded projects and travel must be completed before June 30th.
  2. Proposals will be reviewed by a Committee composed of:
    1. A part-time faculty member with a long history of service to Marist, appointed by the Academic Vice President.
    2. The Coordinator of the Center for Teaching Excellence.
    3. A full-time faculty member appointed by the Faculty Affairs Committee.

Final determinations will be made by the Academic Vice President.