Private Loans

To help students and their families evaluate their lender options, Marist utilizes ELM Select, a website that provides comparative information on lenders and their loan products. Marist College offers Citi Bank, Citizens Bank, Sallie Mae and Wells Fargo for our private loan options. Marist chooses to participate in a preferred lender arrangement with each lender so we may better assist our students and families in a more personal fashion.  Marist chooses these lenders based on their commitment to the industry, payment and origination or other fees on behalf of the borrower, highly competitive interest rates and terms and conditions, high quality servicing customer service and additional competitive borrower benefits for the student.  The choice of a lender is not in any way limited to Marist's suggested list. If students and their parents choose another lender, they will not be penalized in any way for selecting the lender of their choice.

Private loans are available to assist students in paying for Marist College. The maximum amount you may borrow on an private loan each academic year per student is the cost of attendance minus other financial aid received. For most private loans the lender requires the student to be at least 18 years of age. A credit check is required and income verification may also be required for certain lenders. 

*New Federal Regulation as of February 2010*
Federal regulations now require the completion of the Private Education Loan Applicant Self-Certification form for all private education loans. The lender MUST receive the signed form from all students borrowing from the alternative loan program before they will approve/disburse the loan.  Please complete this form accordingly and mail it to your lender of choice. 

Marist College does not endorse or recommend the below mentioned lenders.

Student Private Loans (Fall/Spring/Summer/Winter Sessions)


Lender Name

Loan Disclosure

Citizens Bank Citizens Bank Loan Disclosure
  Citizens Bank is not an affiliate of the other lenders on the list 
Discover Discover Student Loan Disclosure
  Discover Student Loans is not an affiliate of the other lenders on the list
Sallie Mae Sallie Mae Loan Disclosure
  Sallie Mae is not an affiliate of the other lenders on the list
Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo Loan Disclosure
  Wells Fargo is not an affiliate of the other lenders on the list

To select a lender and complete the Master Promissory Note, please click the link below and you will be directed to ELM Select. When you log onto ELM Select, read and accept the User Agreement. To access Marist's suggested lender list, select New York from the state list and Marist College from the college list.

Private Loan Lender List/Application