Verification Policies and Procedures

What is Verification?

Verification is a procedure colleges use to review reported information from the FAFSA Application. Colleges request the submission of documentation to verify the validity of the information the student and/or parent supplied on the FAFSA. Marist Policy is to verify all incoming freshmen and transfer students in addition to those the Department of Education selects. Marist may select other files for verification if conflicting information exists.

At Marist, students are expected to review their "Financial Aid Awards" and "Financial Aid Requirements" sections of the myMarist account for the documentation needed to complete the financial aid package. Students who fail to submit the completed documentation two weeks before the semester ends, will forfeit the right to receive any estimated financial aid previously awarded.

Once Student Financial Services receives all the required documentation, the verification process will begin. A financial aid administrator will verify the content supplied on the FAFSA against the actual figures from the tax return(s) and the information provided on the Marist Application for Financial Aid. If necessary, the administrator will make the necessary adjustments which may in turn impact the expected family contribution (EFC) and ultimately the financial aid package. If changes are made which affect the financial aid package, the student is sent an email notification to their Foxmail account. This email will direct the student to review their financial aid award revisions, and to determine any impact this may have on the ability to satisfy their student billing account.

Marist College may also verify college enrollment of household members via the National Student Clearinghouse after October 15th. Graduate Students are not typically included in the number in college unless claimed on the parent tax return and the parent(s) provide more than half of their support. If college enrollment cannot be confirmed, the student's FAFSA will be updated, which may result in a retroactive change or cancellation of need-based financial aid.