2015 Spring I Online Courses

All students taking an online course through the School of Global & Professional Programs must complete iLearn orientation or request  a waiver based on the previous completion of iLearn training.

10 Week Online accelerated courses: 
March 2, 2015 - May 11, 2015

CMPT103L741 Technology for the 21st Century  
COM 270L741 Organizational Communication  
COM 317L741 ST: Leadership Communication in Change & Conflict  
ECON 150L741 Economics of Social Issues  
INTD105L741 Perspectives on Education  
INTD209L741 Perspectives on Humanities  
INTD213L741 Perspectives on Science and History  
INTD477L741 Capping  
INTD 496N741 Liberal Studies Internship  
ITS 130L758 IT & Systems Concepts  
ORG 301N741 Managing Human Resources  
PHIL 103L741 World Views and Values  
PYSC220L741 Social Psychology