Recent Awards


TitleSponsorAward AmountDate

John Ansley

The Hudson River Environmental Society Collection Microfilming Project

The State Education Department



John Ansley Hudson Valley GREEN Microfilming Project NYS Education Department $39,419 9/1/2012
School of Computer Science & Mathematics

Roger Norton
Ron Coleman
Eitel Lauria

MRI: Acquisition of an Enterprise level System for Research and Research Training National Science Foundation MRI $678,883 7/1/2011
Scott Frank Elastic bottom propagation mechanisms investigated by parabolic equation methods Office of Naval Research $80,000 3/1/2011
Roger Norton  New York State Cloud Computing and Analytics Center at Marist College NYSERDA $3,000,000 12/12/2012

Ron Coleman
Roger Norton
Mary Ann Hoffmann
Donna Berger

Computer Science and Information Technology Systems (CS/ITS) Cohort Scholarship Program National Science Foundation S-STEM $551,970 4/1/2009
Roger Norton Cloud Course Module IBM $20,000 6/26/2012
Rob Cannistra OpenFlow Project IBM $40,000 7/11/2012
Mary Ann Hoffmann OpenFlow Project IBM $40,000 11/30/2012
Ben Carle OpenFlow Project IBM $35,000 12/28/2012
Matthew Johnson OpenFlow Project IBM $40,000 12/28/2012
Joe Kirtland Regional Undergraduate Mathematics Conference at Marist College Mathematical Association of America $10,000 6/28/2013
Scott Frank Developing Elastic Parabolic Equation Solutions for Marine Mammal Studies Simons Foundation $35,000 9/1/2013

Ron Coleman
Roger Norton
Mary Ann Hoffmann
Donna Berger

CS/IT Cohort Scholarships


Nartional Science Foundation S-STEM $625,751 9/1/2013
School of Global and Professional Programs
Eileen Bull Youth Offenders NYS Dept. of Correctional Services $1,660,500 5/31/2008
School of Liberal Arts
Jim Johnson McHenry Award Open Space Institute $5,000 05/31/2013
School of Management
Ann Davis The Meanings of Property National Endowment for the Humanities $174,880 10/01/2013
School of Science
Neil Fitzgerald The Margaret A. Cargill Foundation The Margaret A. Cargill Foundation $50,000 6/1/2009
Neil Fitzgerald SUDS: Send us your Dirt from Sandy RocketHub $1,400 2/4/2013
Luis Espinasa    Cleveland Grotto Science Fund $500 3/1/2013
Sue Repko Marist College Liberty Partnership NYS Dept. of Education $300,000 9/1/2012
Adam Kendis

Marist College Liberty Partnership


NYS Dept. of Education $300,000 9/1/2013