Drug Policy

Section B. Conduct Associated with Personal Responsibility and Integrity (Student Code of Conduct)

Students may not be in the presence of, possess, distribute, or use/misuse of prescription, medication, narcotics, controlled/illegal substances except as expressly permitted by law. Any student who is struggling with an addiction to any narcotic or controlled substance may seek help at the College’s Health & Wellness Center located on the third floor of the Student Center (Ext. 3314). Possession with the intent to sell or distribute narcotic or illegal will likely result in expulsion from the College. Any drug related violation of College policy will be considered a violation of the Drug Policy.

Application to Student Organizations: In circumstances where an organization is found to be hosting an event where medical assistance is sought for an intoxicated guest, the organization (depending upon the circumstances) may be held responsible for violations of the Alcohol Policy or Drug Policy. However, the organization’s willingness to seek medical assistance for a member or guest will be viewed as a mitigating factor in determining a sanction for any violations of the Alcohol or Drug Policy.