Wellness Wednesday

Spring 2011 Programs

  • 01/26/11 7:00p - Be Here Now:  Mindfulness Mediation (Stephanie Speer) Location, PAR
  • 02/09/11 9:15p - How Safe is Sex? Questions You Want to Ask, Answers You Need to Know. Location, SC349
  • 02/23/11 8:00p - Marist Cooks Hasty and Healthy: A Live Demo with Chef Anthony and  Renee Pabst. Location, Cabaret
  • 03/02/11 7:00p - Mid-term Madness: Managing your Time and Stress. Location, SC349
  • 03/09/11 8:30p - The Three S's for Spring Break Safety: Sun, Sex and Substances. Location, SC352 (NOTE: This is a Thursday)
  • 04/13/11 8:00p - Spring into a Great Relationship: Creating and Sustaining a Health Connection. Location, PAR
  • 04/20/11 TBA
  • 05/09/11 8:00p - Enter the Stress Free Zone: Massages and Meditation