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Answers to most frequently asked questions can be found at the following links:

  • General Campus Housing
    • How many students live in each room and what are the rooms like?
      • Rooms house between 2 to 4 students depending on the room and the residence area.
    • What are the rooms equipped with and what do I need to bring with me?
      • Each room has a bed, dresser, desk, desk chair and a closet for each student that the room was designed to house. The following items are not allowed in the residence halls: double sided sticky tape (commonly used to attach dry erase boards to doors), halogen lights, hot pots, hot plates, boiler ovens, fry pans, space/portable heaters, air conditioners coffee makers, toaster ovens/toasters, warmers and similar portable equipment. In addition, first year students are not permitted to have shot glasses and/or other alcohol/drug paraphernalia. Due to fire safety regulations, extension cords are prohibited and each student is allowed one surge protector only for the use of their computer. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact the Office of Housing and Residential Life.
    • What forms of security are found in and around the residence halls and what can I do to protect myself?
      • The residence halls are secure twenty-four hours a day. From 3 PM to 6:30 AM there is an entry officer who sits at the main entrance of each building and monitors the students who enter and exit the building. All students are required to swipe their ID card to prove that they are a resident of that building. Between 6:30 AM and 3 PM, the doors to the building are locked and students must swipe their ID card to gain access to the building. In addition, there is always a Resident Assistant on duty each evening, from 7 PM to 8 AM, to assist with any problems, concerns or questions that a resident student may have. The residence areas that are apartment and townhouse style have 24 hour security patrols.
    • Is there any housing for families or married students?
      • No, currently we do not have any housing available for married couples.
        Residence Areas
        This link has all of the details of each residence area, from who can live there to what is already waiting for you.
    • How can I become a Resident Assistant?
      • Applications packets for the Resident Assistant position are available at the beginning of each semester on the Current Students page or in the Housing Office.
  • Residence Hall Fee Information
    • When and how do I pay for housing?
      • Returning students will pay an advance room deposit in February.

      • Freshmen / Transfer Students fill our forms for where they wish to reside on campus during their orientation session.
        Student Financial Services
        • Payment for housing is included in your statement sent to your home address from Student Financial Services.
      • When can I move in to the residence halls?
        • Academic Calendars
          This is the Academic Calendar containing information pertaining to move in and move out dates, first and last days of classes and other important deadlines.
      • What opportunities for involvement and leadership are available in the residence halls?
        • There exists in every residence area, a Resident Student Council (RSC), consisting solely of Marist Students living in your residence area. Positions of leadership are attained through student elections. Meeting times are generally posted in your residence area and the laundry facilities for the upperclassmen.
      • Where can I find more information about various services such as mail delivery, laundry facilities, parking permits, TV connections, telephones service, and maintenance?
        • Post Office
          The Marist College Post Office can answer any questions pertaining to mail delivery and student mailboxes.

        • Security
          The Office of Campus Security is in charge of issuing parking permits.

        • College Activities
          The Office of College Activities is in charge of Marist TV, campus wide events and other activities pertaining to Marist Students.

        • Campus Televideo
          Television Service Request.

        • Telephone Services
          Telephone Services.

        • Physical Plant
          The Physical Plant office is in charge of Grounds, Maintenance and housekeeping.
    • Computer Services in the Residence Halls
      • What should I look for when purchasing a computer and how do I connect directly to the Internet from the residence halls?
      • How do I receive a Marist email account through the residence halls?
        • Help Desk
          Campus email accounts are sent to your mailboxes freshman year. If at anytime you forget your logon account code, contact the help desk.
    • Student Financial Aid Services
      • I need financial aid to help pay for my residence hall fees. How do I apply?
        • Financial Aid
          The Financial Aid Office is in charge of all assistance in paying your bill.
    • Information about the Dining Services
      • Are all residents required to have a Dining plan?
        • Dining Plans
          Dining plans are required for all freshmen and sophomores residing in Champagnat, Sheahan, Leo, Mid-Rise, Marian, Gartland Commons, and Foy Townhouses. All other areas have full kitchens, therefore Dining plans are optional.
      • Will I be refunded for meals that I do not use?
        • No.
    • Off Campus Housing
      • If you desire to withdraw from campus housing, the Office of Housing and Residential Life can help you find an off campus living arrangement. Stop in RO 387 for more information.