Getting Involved

At Marist College there are many opportunities to develop your leadership skills. Studies indicate that students who are involved in co-curricular activities are more satisfied with their college experience and more likely to graduate. As a resident student you have some unique opportunities to make an impact in your residence area.

In addition to the leadership opportunities listed below all students are encouraged to get involved in the numerous clubs and organizations at Marist College. For more information contact the Office of Student Activities.

The Residence Hall Council (RHC) is an organization is made up of resident students in each residence area committed to planning events and discussing issues that affect the community. The RHC is made up of an executive board comprising a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer and floor/ apartment representatives. All resident students are encouraged to attend regular RHC meetings and make an impact on their residential area. Elections for RHC positions are held in September. For more information see your RA or RD.

The Student Life Council (SLC) is part of the Student Government Association. The presidents of each RHC make up the SLC. This group plans events for the residential communities and discusses important issues affecting resident students.

Marist College is an active member of the National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH). This is a national organization dedicated to enrichment of resident student leadership development. As an active member, Marist students represent the College at regional and national conferences. Students interested in attending these conferences can get more information from their RHC meetings or RD. First preference is given to active members in RHC.

Resident students who display exceptional leadership are eligible to be nominated in to the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH). This national honorary allows for one percent of a college's or university's resident student population to recognized for outstanding leadership and dedication to their school.

The Office of Housing and Residential Life encourages students to apply for Resident Assistant (RA) positions. RAs play an integral role in the development of residential communities. RAs are responsible for a floor or group of apartments or townhouses. Some of their duties include assisting students in their adjustment to college, planning educational and social programs, creating dynamic living environments, upholding community standards and serving as resource to resident students.