Midrise Hall

midrise hall

Resident Director Colleen Jones X3770  MR RD Office
Resident Assistants Jordyn Seignious 1st Floor
  Elijah Johnson 2nd Floor
  Amelia White  4th Floor
  Anthony Sarra 4th Floor
  Sam Greene 5th Floor
  Alexandra Beers  5th Floor

Midrise Suite Bedroom

Midrise Suite Living Room

Midrise Floor Plan PDF

Meal Plans Available

  • Each suite has 3 double occupancy bedrooms, a common living room, and a common bathroom
  • Building is connected to the Student Center
  • North, West, and South sides overlook the Hudson River
  • Common area lounges where students may study, socialize, or participate in planned activities
  • Common area televisions on fourth floor
  • Common laundry room available to residents
  • 24 hour ID card access
  • Security officer monitors access to the building from 3:00 PM - 7:00 AM daily
  • Students living in Midrise are required to be on the Carte Blanche meal plan.
  • Microwave permitted in lounge area (700 watt maximum)
  • Refrigerator allowed in bedroom (3.6 cubic ft. maximum)
  • Dry residence facility with no alcohol permitted
  • Smoke free residence area