Disability Leave

Short-Term Disability (7 day waiting period)
  • No enrollment forms – full-time employees covered as of hire date for Salary Continuation or New York State Disability Benefit
  • Eligible employees must apply to receive benefits
  • Runs concurrent with Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) for FMLA eligible employees
Employees Salary Continuation New York State Benefit Only
Faculty/Administrative Up to 26 weeks N/A
Exempt Secretary Up to 26 weeks N/A
Security Not Eligible Up to 26 weeks
Union - CWA Refer to Union Contract Disability Leave - Sick Bank
Union - Local 200 Refer to Union Contract - Disability Leave

Long-Term Disability
  • Paid after 26 weeks for the duration of your “Total Disability” or until normal retirement age

  • Supplements your social security disability payments to provide up to 60% of annual base earnings (up to $5,000 per month)

  • No premiums for eligible employees to pay Marist pays insurance premiums

When Long Term Disability Coverage Begins
Faculty/Administrative 12 months
Exempt Secretary 12 months
Union - CWA 36 months
Security 36 months
Union-Local 200 36 months