Tuition Benefit

Benefits are available to eligible employees, spouses, and dependent children (as per IRS definition) within established guidelines described below.  The off-campus benefit is for dependent children only.  Some benefits may incur a tax liability.


Waiting Period

Full-time staff are eligible for full tuition benefits as described  in the row below. 

  • Part-time staff who work more than 20 hours/week but less than full-time are eligible for half the tuition benefits described below

Prior to the first day of the semester for which benefits are requested, an employee must have completed:

  • Four (4) months of service for self and spouse

  • Two (2) years of service for dependent children

Benefit for Employee and Spouse attending Marist

Benefit for Dependent Children Attending Marist

  • Full waiver of undergraduate tuition up to 16 credits

  • Six (6) graduate credits/semester waiver for employee

  • Graduate credit eligibility may vary for a spouse. Contact HR for more information.

  • Includes up to 16 hours per semester for undergraduate courses, and up to 18 hours annually for graduate courses.

  • 120 credit waiver for dependent children in a 5 year program

Benefit for Dependent Children attending another accredited institution full-time**

  • Dollar amount determined on a year-to-year basis.

**There may be other conditions applied to this benefit. Please direct your questions to the Office of Human Resources.

 All criteria for admission as a student at Marist College must be satisfied in order to be eligible for educational benefits.

Applications for admission and all required documentation must be approved through the applicable admissions process for any individual who wishes to attend Marist College.

Any individual who is not accepted as a student at the College is not entitled to on-campus educational benefits. Please refer to your employment manual for further details regarding educational benefits.