Marist College Smoking Policy 

Smoking within buildings on the campus is a violation of the NY State Clean Air Act which has been in effect since 2003. The law requires every employer in the state to provide smoke free work areas for all employees in the workplace. The Dutchess County Clean Air Act mirrors the NY State law. Violations of the law can result in fines to the both the College and the individual.

Smoking is not permitted in any building on campus including any private office, College vehicles, locker room, loading dock or storage area. Smoking is also prohibited near doors, windows or air intakes.

To insure proper compliance with the law and to prevent potential injury or damage due to a fire, it is important that members of the Marist community keep in mind that SMOKING is PROHIBITED in any College Building. It is also College policy that SMOKING is PROHIBITED within 25 feet of any College Building.

Security Staff have been instructed to remind employees and students who are observed smoking too close to a building of the policy and ask the person(s) to move further away from the building or extinguish the cigarette. Your cooperation and support in complying with the College’s policy on smoking is greatly appreciated.