Mentee Information


A mentee is an individual who seeks the knowledge and guidance of an experienced professional to aid in goal setting, problem solving and career development.


Be prepared to articulate what you want to learn as a mentee and what you hope the relationship with a mentor can help you accomplish. In order to maximize the time and effort of the mentor, a mentee should consistently:

  • Initiate and drive the relationship
  • Identify and communicate learning goals
  • Pose questions and seek feedback
  • Commit to the mentor/mentee relationship, allocating appropriate time and focus
  • Follow through on commitments or renegotiate appropriately

The mentor program is not intended for counseling or advice on personal matters.


Following the information session, an application for participation must be completed. Once the applications are submitted, a defined number of mentees will be selected to participate in the current program cycle, based on the number of available mentors. These individuals will be notified and provided with a suggested mentor match, based on their current positions and application information. They will then be asked to browse the mentor profiles, select up to three individuals who meet their needs as potential mentors and provide this information to the Advisory Committee. The committee will facilitate the final matching of pairs, after which the mentees will make the initial contact with their mentors If an appropriate mentor cannot be immediately found, the mentee application will retain active status through the next round of the program. All mentees will be required to attend a mandatory orientation and training program before their first mentor meeting. For applicants not initially selected, applications will be kept on file until the next program cycle. Other requirements for a mentee are to:

  • Collaborate on the initial meeting and spend at least an hour a month, face to face, with your mentor.  The goal of the first meeting is to get to know each other and establish the mutual goals and expectations of the relationship
  • Work with your mentor until the end of the program (unless relationship is ended by either party)
  • Frequently examine relationship to determine if appropriate progress is being made, and take corrective action when necessary
  • Take measures to terminate relationship if needs and goals are not being met by either party and/or if confidentiality can no longer be upheld

Additional resources for mentors and mentees are available in the Office of Human Resources, campus extension 3349