Globetrotter Submission Guidelines

Are you interested in writing for our next Globetrotter? 

"Write about a critical incident and its significance in the broader scope of study abroad, and how it impacted you."

  • What was the experience? How did it confuse you, or present a problem? How did you work through it? What broader skills, perspective, and knowledge did you gain because of the problem? 
  • Alternatively, what made your study abroad experience unique? Were you involved in local organizations, special academic opportunities, etc. 
  • Articles are usually 500 to 1000 words. We encourage photo submissions along with your essay.
  • Not interested in submitting an essay? Send us your photos - we love photos! 
  • It may be initially difficult to identify a single, critical event to write about. In fact, it is most often only after returning home and going through the reentry process that we can clearly identify these events. We encourage you to think and reflect on the impact of your overseas experience. 

Students whose essays are accepted and published in the Globetrotter receive an honorarium of $50 Marist Money. 

Be sure to check out our past Globetrotters for inspiration or direction:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact: 

James Morrow-Polio, Assistant Coordinator