England:  Foundation for International Education (FIE)

(*internship required*)

One of the world’s great cultural and economic centers, London offers almost endless potential for study abroad.  As London specialists, FIE staff and faculty have been helping universities, colleges and hundreds of their students realize this potential each year since 1998 through programs of the highest quality. 

With FIE's study opportunities, the classroom is as big as the city of London. Maybe you will tour Parliament with your politics class, visit the The Globe for a Shakespeare play, visit a London mosque or travel to Baghdad through study of Islam and the West.  As an intern, you will be a part of the hustle and bustle of working in London while building professional skills, increasing industry knowledge, and learning how to work in a different culture.

Participants in the FIE/London program enroll in the required "key" course: British Life & Cultures (BLC, 3 credits), two elective courses (3 credits each), and an internship (required; 6 credits) for a total of 15 Marist credits. 

Basic program information follows below.  The links in red text will take you to the Foundation for International Education web site.

Foundation House
Foundation House

Computer Lab
Computer Lab

Hyde Park Gate Dorms
Hyde Park Gate Dorms

Common Room
Common Room

London Program Overview

FIE is located on Cromwell Road in a diplomatic enclave of Chelsea-Kensington-South Kensington area. The nearest tube (underground rail) stop is Gloucester Road, a block and half from Foundation House. The five floor stand alone building has classrooms, a computer cluster, offices for on-site administrators, internship supervisors, student activities and technology support.  Program accommodation is within walking distance of Foundation House and classes. 




FIE offers a limited selection of "open enrollment" (OE) electives; students will enroll in two of the OE courses.Click on course titles for course descriptions and further links to course outlines.

Classes are taught by British faculty.  

The semester is divided into two phases with a one week break in between:

  • In the first seven weeks of Phase 1 the key course (BLC) will meet 3 hours per week while each OE course will meet intensively 6 hours per week.
  • After the break, in Phase 2 the BLC will continue meeting once per week; interns will participate in the International Internship Course (IIC), and intern at their placement site four days per week.


FIE internship staff supervise all placement arrangements including identifying sites, setting up interviews and placement monitoring: Internship Areas

The London internship must be seen first and foremost, as a cultural experience, and excellent learning opportunity to expand cross-cultural skills: Internship Expectations

Note: an internship in the field of psychology will be for elective credits only. Participants on this program cannot receive PSYC 487 or PSYC 488 Fieldwork credits for the internship.


London Student Life

Upon arrival in London, and over the course of two to three days, students will participate in a variety of orientation activities. FIE’s London Team will conduct a Study in London and Student Life Orientation. Both orientation discussions are crucial in helping students adjust to a different academic culture and learning about life in London. Interns will have a separate Internship Orientation, where they will meet the Internship Team and get the inside knowledge on making a success of their international internship.

Throughout the semester, the Team offers ongoing help, information and advice on a broad number of issues in a well-resourced ‘drop-in’ Student Life Office. In addition, FIE’s Residence Life Supervisors are on hand to help create a positive residence life experience for all students.


London Housing 

FIE offers fully furnished student accommodations in central London.