Institutional Research & Planning

The Office of Institutional Research and Planning facilitates planning and management decision-making by collecting, archiving, analyzing, and reporting consistent and accurate data about the College.

The Office:

  1. Collects, prepares, maintains and disseminates College information.
  2. Ensures that all state and federal reports are submitted in a timely fashion by establishing and maintaining a reports management system.
  3. Supports and integrates college planning efforts at all levels with institutional research, policy analysis, and outcomes assessment.
  4. Provides consultation, support and technical assistance to departments and individuals.

Institutional Research and Planning Staff


Dr. Judith Stoddard

Director of Institutional Research



Eric Lanthier

Database Manager



Jared Todisco

Reports Manager

845-575-3000 ext.2077


Haseeb Arroon

Research Assistant

845-575-3000 ext.2170


Abigail Bartholomew

Student Research Assistant

Majoring in Criminal Justice

Class of 2016

845-575-3000 ext.2169


David Kopelman

Student Research Assistant

Majoring in Business Marketing

Class of 2017

845-575-3000 ext.2169


Breanna Lechase

Student Research Assistant

Majoring in Political Science and Economics

Class of 2016

845-575-3000 ext.2169