2017 Winners

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Ms. Terri Garofalo - School of Communication and the Arts
2017 Overall Winner - Communication 103, Digital Toolbox

Ms. Terri Garofalo is the recipient of the 2017 Teaching with iLearn Innovation Award for her submission of “COM 103: Digital Toolbox.” Digital Toolbox is a face-to-face course that focuses on hands-on practice, project development, and learning community building. Ms. Garofalo flipped the course by using various iLearn tools to deliver less lectures and more tutorials. Lessons were well structured, loaded with artistically designed text, multimedia content, and self-check assessments. A plethora of communication tools such as Messages, Forums, and WebEx were used to connect students and facilitate brainstorming and creativity between class meetings. The course site accommodates a multiplicity of learning styles, encourages peer assessment, and promotes active learning strategies. 

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Dr. Jane Bean-Folkes - School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
2017 Honorable Mention - Education 351, Literacy, Learning, and the Arts in the Social Studies Curriculum

Dr. Jane Bean-Folkes was awarded a 2017 Honorable Mention for her course “EDUC 351: Literacy, Learning, and the Arts in the Social Studies Curriculum.” This is the second of three reading courses integrating coursework with fieldwork experience. Students created and shared vlogs (video blogs) to reflect and record thoughts and insights from their experiences. This method and format implemented a unique form of communication that allowed students to report a summary of their experiences and draw connections with course content. This allowed Dr. Bean-Folkes to engage with her students asynchronously on a personal level, review weekly student progress, and address any individual concerns.

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Ms. Patricia Barniak-Atkinson - School of Communication and the Arts
2017 Honorable Mention - Communication 200, Research Strategy and Methods

Ms. Patricia Barniak-Atkinson was awarded a 2017 Honorable Mention for her course “COM 200: Research Strategy and Methods.” Ms. Barniak-Atkinson uses iLearn to enhance the educational experience in a digital environment, applying various digital tools to meet the needs of her students. One assignment in particular implements a “Memos to Meme” concept designed to both enhance student communication skills while reducing confusion in the forums. This allows students to clarify, analyze, or reiterate key concepts with each other by creating memos or memes. By fostering class community and building group support this activity exemplifies the different communication methods that can be used within an online environment. 

Marist's Dr. Jennifer Robinette wins an international Apereo Teaching and Learning Award (ATLAS) Honorable Mention!

Jennifer Robinette

We are excited to announce that Dr. Jennifer Robinette, Assistant Professor of Communication and Public Relations, has earned Honorable Mention recognition in the 2017 International Apereo Teaching and Learning Awards.
Dr. Robinette is being recognized for her proposal entitled, “Bringing Communication Theory to Life through iLearn Interactive Experiences.” Through her submission, she demonstrated a creative and engaging use of Sakai, the open-source learning management system platform known as "iLearn" at Marist.

“When developing a new site for the class, iLearn tools enabled me to bring theory to life for students by creating experiences with communication theories in action that would be impossible in a traditional classroom,” wrote Dr. Robinette.

The intent of the award is to highlight examples of educational applications of Apereo tools which fall into an innovative or transformative category. Each of the winners will be recognized for their use of the Sakai CLE, Xerte, OAE, and/or Opencast, for teaching and learning, at the Open Apereo Conference being held from 4-8 June 2017, in Philadelphia. For information about the conference, go to http://conference.apereo.org/