Technology Innovation and Digital Education Awards

(Tech IDEAs)

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Digital Education is excited to announce the winners of the 2018 Technology Innovation and Digital Education Awards (Tech IDEAs).  We would like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s awards by submitting an application or by serving on the review committee.  After much thought, the review committee is pleased to announce the winners of Excellence in Digital Course Design, and Innovative Use of Technology.

Excellence in Digital Course Design

Andrea Pesavento submitted her project entitled “The Senior Year Experience” where she showcased how her office supports students as they navigate the pressure of their senior year, while also tackling huge questions such as whether to get a job, or go to graduate school.  Through this site, a community of over 400 students was formed.  

The Senior Year Experience is an innovative, interactive, joinable, iLearn site for rising juniors and current seniors at Marist. For the first time ever, there is a single point of entry to conveniently access information and resources related to Employment, Graduate Schools, Alternative Paths After Graduation, a Senior Year To Do List, and Self-Care Resources. Online learning is often paired with in-person programs and seminars.

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Innovative use of Technology

Jennifer Robinette submitted her project entitled “Com_401 Capping” where she built a community of knowledge.  The site provides both the instructor and the students the opportunity to collaborate on their research projects using knowledge from current and previous students.  Through this course, Jennifer fuses iLearn with other technology tools such as Padlet to foster the collaborative experience.

A total of 52 students have participated in it thus far. The goal of the site is to provide resources and build a sense of community for Capping students who complete unique projects in distinct areas of communication, including public relations, advertising, journalism, and sports communication. Students carry out primary research projects, write a research proposal and final paper, present their results during a class speech, and participate in a poster session at the end of the semester. They need help with secondary research and academic writing using APA Style as well as help conducting various forms of quantitative and/or qualitative primary research. Marist iLearn tools and Padlet have enabled Jennifer to develop a more substantive level of support for Capping students, which has improved the quality of their Capping projects, presentations, and posters. Quality Matters principles and best practices informed the development of the site.


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