Connecting to Eduroam

Marist faculty, student, and staff members are able to obtain secure Internet connectivity at participating institutions across the world through eduroam (education roaming).  The Internet connectivity is instantaneous and user authentication is performed by the users' home institutions.  There are over 7,000 institutions worldwide where eduroam is available.  Anyone with a valid Marist account can use the eduroam wireless network at these locations.  The eduroam-US Institutions can be viewed at, and at for Institutions world-wide.

To ensure secure and successful access to eduroam, we recommend that you log onto eduroam when on campus prior to your travels.  Once connected to eduroam, when traveling you will be able to log onto a participating  institution's network with your valid Marist account.   

A step-by-step guide for connecting to eduroam can be found at .