Planned Computer Shutdown


On Friday, November 28th, Information Technology is planning a mainframe shutdown in the Donnelly Data Center to perform maintenance.

  • At 8:00am, Information Technology will begin an orderly shutdown of all essential computer equipment supporting production systems and services. 
  • The duration of the entire service disruption is expected to be 12 1/2 hours   (8:00am on 11/28 - 8:30pm on 11/28).

The Marist Community will experience outages to several systems and services.  Updates about the status of systems and services throughout the day will be posted on our System & Service Availability webpage..

Systems and Services Available

Systems and Services that will be available during the shutdown, both on and off campus, include:

  • iLearn
  • Network Connectivity (both wired and wireless)
  • VCL (Virtual Computing Lab)
  • Phones, Phonemail, and Voicemail
  • The Marist website ( will be available to view.  However not all services within the website will be available.  Also web pages can not be updated while the work is being performed.

Systems and Services Impacted

Systems and Services that will NOT be available during the shutdown, both on and off campus, include:

  • Change Password page (
  • Cognos
  • DegreeWorks
  • ERP (Banner &
  • Foxmail
  • FoxWeb (
  • icecast (Marist Radio Station - WMAR)
    • NCRT 110 or CMPT 315 (Introduction to z/OS and Major Subsystems) - z/OS Systems Unavailable
    • NCRT 320 or CMPT 454 (z/OS Installation) - z/OS Systems Unavailable
  • Listservs
  • Medici Hub
  • MVS (Content Manager)
  • Paywall
  • ZOS Knowledge Center

Systems and Services with limited functionality during the shutdown, both on and off campus, include:

  • Email Services (Lotus Notes)
    • Communication will only be available between other Lotus Notes users.
    • Any emails to or from non-Lotus Notes accounts will be held and delivered after the shutdown is completed.

Last Updated: December 23, 2014 - 12:47 PM