A simple, clear and easy way to try Marist College's iLearn Course System, for free.

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Simple. Clear. Easy. T3.

Touch the Technology (or T3 for short) is geared towards Marist iLearn newcomer or to those unfamiliar with the online course delivery system.  T3 displays how easy it can be to use iLearn.   
Whether you're pursuing your online graduate program or a high school student looking to begin an undergraduate degree, or an adult learner with apprehension about his/her time away from the classroom or simply a student lacking confidence in your technical skills, Touch the Technology is here for you.

Touch the Technology

A simple, clear, and easy way to test Marist's iLearn online program for free.

Whether you're a tech-savvy student, a concerned parent, or a returning student who's spent some time away from the classroom, we're here for you.