Albany Internship Experience (AIE)

Albany New York internships semester program

Policy from the Ground Up

This Albany internship program invites students to gain an insider's perspective on politics and policy. The program allows students to intern and take college courses while exploring career opportunities in the state's capital city. Interns work in Albany-based advocacy and lobbying organizations. Internships accommodate a wide variety of student interests and major fields of study. A student interested in public relations might work in the communications department of a union or nonprofit organization, while a student interested in social policy might intern for an advocacy group.

Academic and Real-World Experience        

Students take part in the internship program during their junior or senior year.  Participants intern in an office setting four days a week (9 credits) and attend a state politics and policy course on the fifth day (3 credits). Guest speakers from the fields of government, political communication, journalism, and nonprofit fields regularly deliver presentations to students in the seminar course. Students also may choose to earn additional credits by taking an online course through Marist College.


Albany New York student internship program
Student internship program semester in Albany New York

Mentoring and Student Life

In addition to carefully matching internship placements with student interests, the Albany-based Albany Internship Experience Program Director oversees student progress in the program. When students arrive an orientation helps to familiarize them with Albany and to prepare them for work in a professional office setting. Housing is provided in a single convenient location with easy access to parking and public transportation. This allows students to make the most of the opportunities for civic engagement and cultural enrichment provided by the Albany, New York area.