Student Testimonials


Students participating in the Albany Summer Internship Program gain a wide range of perspectives on
New York state politics and policymaking. Pictured above, students Ryan Kiggins, Christina Crasto
and Kevisha Hunt meet with guest speaker Jane Preston, a senior director in the Government Law
& Policy Practice at the law firm Greenberg Traurig.

Christina Crasto
Marist College
Communications/Public Relations major, Psychology minor
The Albany Summer Internship Program gave me the opportunity to earn academic credit while becoming

immersed in state politics. My internship at the NYS Conference of Big Five School Districts allowed
me to lobby at the State Capitol, attend meetings at the Legislative Office Building, draft bills, and
advocate for improved education policy. I have been able to network with public officials from all over
New York State, and I learned so much.

Kevisha Hunt
Wells College
Psychology major                                                            
When I first learned about the Albany Summer Internship Program I was excited about venturing outside of Wells
and being on my own for an entire semester. After I applied I started to think that maybe I had made a
mistake since the Albany Summer Internship Program did not seem like a program particularly designed for
Psychology majors. Now that I am here, I can honestly say that this is one of the best decisions I have made.
My internship has allowed me to get involved with important policy issues, meet with state legislators, attend
press conferences, and learn directly from people with years of experiences under their belts. The beauty of
my internship is that I am not only exposed to policy and politics; through Families Together in New York State
I get to connect with people from various mental health organizations from all over the state. This experience
has turned out to be very rewarding, in more ways than I ever expected. I highly encourage anyone interested
in this program to go for it! There are so many opportunities available.

Ryan Kiggins
Marist College
Communications/Public Relations major, Political Science minor                                                                 

My internship working with The Business Council of New York State has been an outstanding experience
and a great pleasure. The best part of this internship is that I was able to learn not only about
communications, but by being at the heart of state policy making, I learned a great deal about the nature
of politics.  I thank the ASIP Director, Dr. Applebee, and the great people at The Business Council, for the
wonderful experience I had this semester.