Beyond Fontaine: SLA Faculty in the Media & the Community


Even as School of Liberal Arts faculty contribute to a vibrant college community, they also engage in broader conversations
outside of campus. Recent examples include the following:

  • Assistant Professor of Political Science Juris Pupcenoks's op-ed piece addressing the crisis in Syria
    through the lens of international law;
  • Upcoming presentations in the Fall 2013 Poughkeepsie Public Library's Big Read Program by Assistant
    Professor of English Joshua Kotzin and Associate Professor of English Lea Graham;
  • Associate Professor of Religious Studies John Knight's televised analysis of the recent papal transition
    on the Regional News Network's Richard French Live program, as well as a Poughkeepsie Journal op-ed essay
    on the same subject by Associate Professor of History Michael O'Sullivan;
  • A wide variety of analyses, Huffington Post op-eds, and a CNN interview related to presidential
    politics and Franklin D. Roosevelt's career by Associate Professor of History David Woolner;
  • A Poughkeepsie Journal article on Obama-era diplomacy which draws upon the insights of Assistant
    Professors of Political Science Danielle Langfield and Juris Pupcenoks;
  • A poetry reading in Mt. St. Mary College's April Poetry Series by Professor of English Judith Saunders;
  • A series of video interviews of Associate Professor of Philosophy Andrei Buckareff for the PBS series Closer to Truth: Cosmos. Consciousness.God.