2017 Tarver Intern: Annie Callaghan '18

civic engagement


Major: Social Work

Minors: Psychology, Global Studies

Hometown: Ridgewood, NJ

Placement: Family Services


A brief description of my organization: “Family Services has 21 programs, which serve very different populations. We have programs for youth, victims, families, sex offenders, etc. We work to provide hope, improve lives, and strengthen community.”

My role at the organization: “I work in Sexual Violence Prevention to extend a public awareness campaign that advances healthy norms regarding bystander intervention. For my project, I facilitated Mentors in Violence Prevention with Upward Bound students, which is a 12-hour training program. My department is hosting a photo gallery for our Reframe, Reflect, Respect project. The Upward Bound students' photos will be on display with audio recording about empowerment and bystander intervention. I have also been involved with our new Safe Bar initiative, which will get local bars involved in sexual violence prevention and response.”

How Tarver is important to my future endeavors: “I took the one-credit class Mentors in Violence Prevention in the fall of 2016. Since then, I have been inspired to learn more and work in field. I am planning on getting my Master's in Social Work once I graduate. I am very open to working with different populations, and I am very interested in community development. I am passionate [about sexual violence prevention] and hope to continue this work in the future.”