Information for Community Partners

ccel  The CCEL's practices draw from a variety of Community Based
  Learning (CBL) models. Local nonprofit organizations and leaders,
  including several Marist alumni, play a crucial role in our approach.
  Our community partners provide students with experiences that
  connect course content with critical regional issues and initiatives.
  In every instance case the participating student's coursework and
  service project must support the community partner’s essential
  mission and programs. Student participants must also analyze the
  direct and measurable impact their work has on the organization.

  Individuals interested in learning more about the CCEL's work should
  consider joining the CCEL mailing list. Members of the list receive the
  electronic “Call for Participation” notices that are sent out throughout
  the semester. CCEL staff are also available to discuss options for
  organizations. Please email CCEL Director Melissa Gaeke to add
  your organization's name to the mailing list or to set up a meeting.

Our 2015-2016 Community Partners