2017 Tarver Intern: Eliza Patterson '18

civic engagement


Major: Political Science

Minor: Public Relations

Hometown: Storrs, CT

Placement: Mental Health America of Dutchess County (MHA)


A brief description of my organization:
“MHA of Dutchess County is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting mental wellness through a variety of programs such as education and care management. They have always striven to mobilize public opinion, establish connections with other organizations, and create special programs for people of all ages and needs. MHADC serves thousands of individuals in Dutchess County through services such as respite care and parenting education. Ultimately, they believe that all of their clients should be treated with dignity and respect, and that mental health services of the highest quality should be available and accessible to all.”

My role at the organization:
“I am a public relations intern. I have been working on tasks and projects such as a newsletter for the CIT program for the police department, updating brochures, creating a curriculum for a program called Teen Challenge, and working on advancing their social media. The project I worked on with Teen Challenge included making a curriculum based on the movie Inside Out in order to teach students about mental health. I was also fortunate to shadow different programs at MHADC including Teen Challenge, Young Adults, Kids on the Block, and Care Management.”

How Tarver is important to my future endeavors:
“This is my second internship with a nonprofit health organization, so I am getting a lot of experience in both public policy and public relations, as well as a taste of the health industry and what is involved in each organization.”