2017 Tarver Intern: Kathryn Zielinski '18

civic engagement


Communications and Political Science

Hometown: Bethany, CT

Placement: Hudson River Housing


A brief description of my organization:
“Hudson River Housing strives to create affordable housing options in the area. They have several shelters, transitional housing options, and veteran housing. They also renovate homes to rent or sell to first time home buyers at a reasonable price. They also do a significant amount of community building and engagement, which was their motivation for starting the Middle Main Initiative. This focuses on revitalizing the area by creating business partners on Main Street, encouraging new businesses, hosting community events, and creating a clean and safe neighborhood.”

My role at the organization:
“This summer I have been conducting a survey about people's opinions about living in Poughkeepsie. I am also interviewing residents, the other college interns, and the students involved in the Youth Employment Program, LEAP. I am using the interviews to create promotional material for HRH/Middle Main. My hope is that sharing resident's stories will create a positive sense of community in the area.”

How Tarver is important to my future endeavors:
“I think the most important part of each internship is that you learn what you like doing and what you don't like doing. This internship reinforced my interest in nonprofits and community outreach. This is definitely something I would consider doing after college and my completed project will be something tangible that I can show future employers.”