Cognitive Science Minor Course Requirements

Requirements for a Minor in Cognitive Science

Four required courses (12 credits):

  • PHIL 101 Philosophical Perspectives                                                                             
  • PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology                                                                           
  • PHIL 205 / PSYC 205 Foundations of Cognitive Sciences *note: tends to be offered in the fall*
  • PHIL 302 Moral Cognition *note: tends to be offered in the spring*

Four additional courses (12 credits; see list below) with the following constraints:                  

  • Courses must be from at least 3 different disciplines
  • No more than 1 course at 100-level
  • No more than 2 courses (which must be 300-level or above) from student’s major discipline
  • At least 2 courses must be 300-level or above
ANTH 101 Introduction to Physical Anthropology
BIOL 232 Sex, Evolution, and Behavior
BIOL 305 Animal Behavior
CMPT 120 Introduction to Programming
CMPT 404 Artificial Intelligence
CMPT 412 Robotics
CMPT 440 Formal Languages and Computability
ENG 201 Introduction to Linguistics
ENG 301 History of the English Language
ENG 302 World Englishes
MATH 130 Introductory Statistics I
MATH 131 Introductory Statistics II
MATH 310 Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning
MATH 412 Computational Linear Algebra
PHIL 203 Introduction to Logic
PHIL 310 Symbolic Logic
      PHIL 324 Contemporary Analytic Philosophy
PHIL 325 Contemporary Continental Philosophy
PHIL 334 Free Will
PHIL 335 Metaphysics
PHIL 336 Epistemology
PHIL 338 Philosophy of Science
PHIL 339 Philosophy of Language
PHIL 345 Philosophy of Mind
PSYC 206 Psycho-Biological Sex Differences
PSYC 301 Psychobiology and Lab
PSYC 302 Neurobiology of Learning and Memory and Lab
PSYC 303 Developmental Neuropsychology and Lab
PSYC 305 Neurobiology & Neuropsychology of Learning Disabilities & Lab  
PSYC 306 Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology and Lab
PSYC 342 Cognitive Psychology
PSYC 343 Sensation and Perception

 Total Credit Requirement for a Minor in Cognitive Science: 24 credits